Business Doctor - John M. Leask II CPA/ABV, CVA

“The Business Doctor” was compiled by Mac Leask to assist the business decision maker with relevant ideas to improve business profitability and cash flow. On each page,”Warning Signs” can alert the business owner to potential problems while “Steps to Improve” offer starting points for potential solutions. Topics appear below, arranged alphabetically under key business and financial headings.

The ideas presented in The Business Doctor are offered as general suggestions and should not be applied to your business without further investigation and/or professional assistance. As “Advisors to Achievers”, we are available to consult with you on all aspects of managing your business. Call Mac Leask (Ext. 223) or Wanda Toth (Ext. 224) at 1-888-LEASKPC (532-7572) or e-mail them at or to initiate discussions.