Services - John M. Leask II CPA/ABV, CVA

Valuation consulting is often needed for:

  • Preparing Estate and Gift Tax Returns
  • Succession Planning
  • Developing Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Purchasing a Business
  • Preparing to Sell the Business
  • Resolving Business Disputes
  • Allocation of Assets in Divorce
  • Preparing Prenuptial Agreements
  • Planning Charitable Contributions
  • General Business Planning

Careful Analysis Often Provides Unexpected Insights to Management

More than simply attaching numbers to tangible assets, careful consideration is given to each of the three valuation approaches (Market Approach, Income Approach and Asset Approach) before choosing the appropriate method that best fits each valuation’s specific purpose.  Each report includes a thorough analysis of the subject business and an in-depth comparison to similar-sized businesses of the same type.  The analysis includes a comparison to the competition, positioning analysis, customer service strategy, strengths and weaknesses, the future potential for the industry – and intangibles such as years of experience, assembled staff, customer loyalty, trademarks, rights and goodwill. The resulting supportable, reasoned, clearly written, documented estimates of value can provide valuable insights resulting in operational improvements and profitability enhancement that can increase the firm’s value.

Practical Experience

John M. Leask, II, CPA/ABV, CVA, known as Mac, performs between 20 and 50 businesses valuations annually.  In addition to preparing the formal reports, he regularly advises on structuring and negotiating buy/sell transactions, performs due care analysis for buyers and offers advice on financing the purchase.  He has often provided advice to attorneys during litigation and served as an expert witness. Mac has extensive experience in the valuation of closely held businesses across a wide range of industries.  His knowledge and expertise allow him to select the proper approach and method to fit each valuation’s specific purpose -- and each client’s unique situation.  A valuation report prepared by Mac will provide a supportable, persuasive analysis that can withstand challenge. Mac looks beyond the financial statements to take into account variables that include specifics of a particular industry, managerial strengths and weaknesses, company comparables, and industry concentrations.  Mac’s valuation reports often lead to unexpected business insights.

Business Valuation Services For:

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Potential buyers or sellers
  • Potential or existing partners, members or shareholders
  • Potential or existing investors
  • Donors of business interests
  • Attorneys
  • Financial planners
  • Bankers

Mac also helps business owners and their CPAs and/or lawyers in the following ways:

  • Planning- prior to buying or selling the business
  • Prepare valuation reports in conjunction with filing estate and gift tax returns
  • Plan buy/sell agreemants and suggest financing arrangements
  • Expert witness in divorce & shareholder disputes
  • Support charitable contributions
  • Document value prior to sale of charitable entities
  • Assist during IRS audits involving other valuators' reports
  • Succession planning
  • Prepare valuation reports in conjunction with pre-nuptial agreements
  • Understanding firm operations & improving firm profitability

Our Valuations Provide:

  • Confidence in the estimate of the fair market or investment value of the business
  • Thoroughness -- with supportable conclusions
  • Non-biased, third-party objectivity
  • A report that is harder to attack on the basis of lack of independence or conflict of interest issues.  We do not provide attest or tax services
  • Observations that can lead to improved profitability and operational enhancement
  • Often unexpected insights leading to a deeper understanding of the business
  • A deeper understanding of operations and competition -- to improve profitability
  • Related advice for business planning or litigation support
  • Continuing on-call resource
  • Common sense logical approach
    • Complete confidentiality
    • Dedicated, creative, personalized service
    • Business management and financial expertise
    • Assistance with reorganizations & divestitures
    • Assistance during mergers & acquisitions
    • A solid reputation in the business, legal and professional communities
    • Assurance of professionalism, top credentials, qualifications; adherence to strict ethical standards